2017 Picks

2017 is ending, so it’s time to wrap up what I learned this year with a list of picks.

Best tools

- vuejs

What a framework. Finally I am feeling productive while using a Javascript framework for web applications. It is based on solid features and understandable concepts. I was literally up and running with Vue in few hours. Also, thanks to the bundling power of Webpack and vue-loader I am able to organize my Javascript source code in very appealing ways. No rocket science, for sure, but still pretty fun. I’ll keep on using it also in 2018, granted! :rocket:

- Apache Cassandra

This year I wrote a Cassandra plugin (for an IoT framework) and it was a blast. The source code for this plugin is written in Java, so in order to interact properly with Cassandra instances I used the toolkit provided by DataStax. Cassandra ecosystem looks very complete, with a valid documentation that helped me a lot in delivering the plugin in time.

- Apache Avro

I really appreciated the features of this data serialization framework. I used it as serialization tool for data persisted in Cassandra using the plugin mentioned above. The way how serialization works in Avro is really easy to understand, thanks to its JSON data types definitions. I was productive in minutes. In order to perform proper data deserialization, instead, I used a Scala library developed by Twitter named Bijection. I really appreciated how it works too!

Best Youtube videos

Best conferences

Best talks

Best quotes

“Keep it simple, so you’ll keep doing it.” ― Steve Krug

“If a manager wants to run a stable project, he would do well to follow this simple maxim: If a programmer is indispensable, get rid of him as quickly as possible.” - Gerald M. Weinberg

“One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

Best books

Best podcasts

Resolutions for 2018

So far, I have to main resolutions for 2018:

  1. Being more active in Open Source;
  2. Attend less conferences.


The first one is for you, who’s reading this post until here. Then, my aknowledgements this year go to all the guys that shared their valuable time and skills with me during conferences, meetups and study groups. I hope to meet you all again in 2018 to have fun together :beer:!

Merry XMas to you all and Happy 2018! :santa: :christmas_tree: