2016 Picks

This has been an interesting year in terms of personal experiences about Software Engineering. This post is the list of my picks for 2016, grouped by category, of the most notable stuff I ran through during these 366 days.

Best tools

- git

I have increased my knowledge about this essential tool thanks to this course and these two talks:

Also, since I spent my spare time working on various open source projects, I had the opportunity to improve my git skills also by doing. One of the main goals of my 2017 will be to keep on increasing my git abilities: I hope to turn from git Padawan to git Knight.

- sbt and IntelliJ

My hardest struggle with tools in 2016 was while I was trying to implement a simple sbt plugin using IntelliJ as Scala IDE: I had no experience neither in sbt plugins development nor in IntelliJ indeed, so I spent a lot of time to setup a proper configuration for getting started. Eventually, after evenings spent on tuning my environment, I was able to develop and test my first vanilla sbt plugin using an IDE I had never worked with.

- Heroku

I’ve deployed a set of small services (on free Dyno instances :stuck_out_tongue:) using this PaaS: it is well documented and it offers a lot of free tools. I assume I’ll use it also next year.

Best Youtube videos

Best conferences

Best talks

Best quotes

Best books

Best podcasts

That’s all for 2016.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2017! :santa: :christmas_tree: